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CodeBoxx Students Learning How To Code

Driving Economic Prosperity for All

High-Impact Philanthropy to Uplift People & Communities Through Technology

How it Works

Who We Are

The CodeBoxx Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating a diverse and inclusive workforce by connecting individuals with CodeBoxx Academy’s tech-focused workforce development programs. Through a series of partnerships, we unlock untapped talent by breaking down barriers and creating pathways for individuals to learn new technical, personal, and business skills - ultimately empowering them to move from low-wage jobs to higher-paying careers in technology.

What We Do

Close the Opportunity Gap

With a focus on mentoring, education, and financial support, we provide pathways for better-paying, secure job opportunities to help underserved populations transform their lives and careers.

Enhance Quality of Life

We provide pathways for people to confidently navigate economic hurdles. CodeBoxx's workforce development programs address the tech talent gap and housing affordability crisis by enabling graduates to secure careers in tech, earn higher salaries, and afford better housing options.

Drive Dynamic Growth

We provide a skilled workforce to enable entrepreneurs, startups, and community organizations to succeed in our technology-enabled global economy.

Palm Trees

Stories of Impact

Where I Was

I did labor-intensive jobs my whole life.  I started as a welder at the shipping docks straight out of high school.  Fast forward 10+ years and several jobs later, I started to realize I couldn't keep doing this.

Where I Am

I found CodeBoxx and discovered that my passion for building things could be applied to coding. Now, I'm furthering my learning as a Full Stack Developer while becoming a part of a great community of like-minded coders, who are always collaborating and growing.

Tim W.

Accessible, Inclusive, & Here to Stay.

The CodeBoxx Foundation is committed to ensuring that CodeBoxx Academy programs remain accessible to all individuals.

  • Activities are held in easily accessible locations throughout Tampa Bay, ensuring that transportation and similar barriers do not hinder participation.

  • All programs are purposefully designed to accommodate diverse learning styles and abilities, creating an inclusive environment for all.

  • We partner with local organizations to reach underserved populations across the region.

Our Holistic Approach

A robust and qualified workforce is central to a healthy community. A holistic approach to workforce development requires funding and resources that address the entirety of an individual's needs; it goes beyond the technical training to include necessary support measures such as child services, living stipends, and tuition coverage. By creating an environment conducive to comprehensive immersion and success, individuals are fully empowered to transform their lives and careers.


We invite nonprofits and individuals to partner with us to broaden our reach and deepen our impact. Together, through recruiting and holistic support infrastructure, we can uplift our communities and change lives.

How You Can Help

How You Can Help

Donate Today

Financial constraints are the greatest barrier to accessing our programs. Your generous donations can break down these financial walls, making it possible for people to transform their lives and careers.

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Become a Partner

We are building a nonprofit network to support our mission. If you are interested in partnering with us to provide scholarships or other support, please reach out to us.

Explore a Partnership

Spread the Word

Help us reach more individuals who can benefit from our programs by sharing our mission with your network.

CodeBoxx employee assisting a CodeBoxx student

Codeboxx plays a crucial role in nurturing and developing top-tier talent within the technology sector. As the demand for skilled professionals continues to rise, Codeboxx stands out as a premier institution that propels Florida's tech ecosystem forward. By providing a comprehensive curriculum, practical hands-on experience, and a strong emphasis on professional development, Codeboxx equips its graduates with the necessary skills to contribute meaningfully to the state's thriving tech industry.

The program's commitment to providing a well-rounded education, coupled with its emphasis on work ethic, adaptability, and continuous learning, prepares graduates to excel in their careers and contribute to the growth and innovation of the state's technology sector.

Marissa Huggins

Co-founder & COO, Spontivly


Stronger Together

Join us, as we work tirelessly to break down barriers, foster inclusivity, engineer equal opportunities, and drive real change in our tech-fuelled future. Together, we can make sure everyone in Tampa Bay benefits from our region's growth and prosperity.

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