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CodeBoxx Students Learning How To Code

Support Our Mission. Transform Lives.

Help us bridge the opportunity gap by donating your time, talent, or treasures.

A holistic approach to workforce development requires funding and resources that address the entirety of an individual's needs; it goes beyond the technical training to include necessary support measures such as child services, living stipends, and tuition scholarships.

Your donation to the CodeBoxx Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, is tax deductible and will remove barriers to success, fully empowering individuals to transform their lives and careers.

Empowered Futures:
Stories from Current Students

Individual impacted by the criminal justice system:

I put myself in a situation where I was sentenced to 10 years in prison at the age of 24. Almost a decade later, after reading hundreds of books, I was excited to begin my second chance at life. So far, I have met as many struggles outside as I did inside.

Being a felon, people don’t like to take a chance on you - whether it's in the form of a job or a place to live. Working as a pallet repairman and only making $12/hour has created financial burdens. Felons are often held to construction or food service jobs. I want to show my kids that no matter how low your life may seem, you can always do better and be better.

I have successfully obtained several certificates from Google as well as Meta’s Introduction to Front End Development through Coursera. While these are phenomenal, it lacks the one-on-one coaching that I am hoping to get from joining the Codeboxx community.

I might not have the best qualifications of any candidate; however, I’d bet everything I have that it would be difficult to find another with the drive that I possess. With this opportunity, it’s not just my life that will be helped and changed for the good, it immediately benefits four people - my family.

Beyond Dollars: Multiple Ways to Make a Difference

While financial contributions are greatly appreciated, they are many ways you can support our cause. We believe that everyone can contribute to our mission in their own unique ways. Here are some other impactful methods by which you can contribute:

Donate Your Time

Volunteer with us - From mentoring our students to assisting with administrative tasks, your time and skills are invaluable. The commitment and enthusiasm of volunteers fuel our efforts.

Build Awareness

Advocate for CodeBoxx - Share our mission, stories, and impact with your friends, family, networks, or employees. By raising awareness about us, you help us reach individuals who can benefit from our programs or support our mission.

In-Kind Donations

Donate Equipment & Resources - Our classrooms and students constantly need up-to-date technology and resources to keep our program running smoothly. If you have new or lightly used laptops, monitors, or other tech equipment, your in-kind donations are always welcome.

Share Your Expertise

Host a Workshop or a Webinar - Are you an industry expert or a professional with a wealth of knowledge in coding, programming, or the tech industry? Consider hosting a workshop or a webinar to educate and inspire our community of learners.

Partner with Us

Corporate Sponsorships, Partnerships & Matching Gifts - If you're part of an organization seeking to make an impact in tech education, consider partnering with us. We provide various impactful ways for organizations to get involved, from sponsorships and in-kind services to employee gift matching programs.

Hire CodeBoxx Grads

We take immense pride in creating tech professionals that are workplace-ready. Hailing from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and insights, our graduates reflect a rich tapestry of perspectives that can drive innovation in your organization.

Together, each contribution, whether big or small, makes a difference. Your support is instrumental in empowering individuals to unlock their potential and transform their lives and careers.

Ready to make a difference? Connect with us today and learn more about how you can support CodeBoxx Foundation.

Codeboxx plays a crucial role in nurturing and developing top-tier talent within the technology sector. As the demand for skilled professionals continues to rise,
Codeboxx stands out as a premier institution that propels Florida's tech
ecosystem forward. By providing a comprehensive curriculum, practical hands-on experience, and a strong emphasis on professional development, Codeboxx
equips its graduates with the necessary skills to contribute meaningfully to the
state's thriving tech industry.

The program's commitment to providing a well-rounded education, coupled with its emphasis on work ethic, adaptability, and continuous learning, prepares graduates to excel in their careers and contribute to the growth and innovation of the state's technology sector.

Marissa Huggins

Co-founder & COO, Spontivly

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