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Let's Make a Greater Impact Together

A robust and qualified workforce is central to a healthy community. A holistic approach to workforce development requires supports that address the entirety of an individual's needs; it goes beyond the technical training to include necessary support measures such as child services, living stipends, and tuition coverage.


By creating an environment conducive to comprehensive immersion and success, individuals are fully empowered to transform their lives and careers.


We invite nonprofits and individuals to partner with us to broaden our reach and deepen our impact. Together, through recruiting and holistic support infrastructure, we can uplift our communities and change lives.

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Partnerships: The Heart of Our Mission

We believe in the power of collaboration. By partnering with area organizations, we reach underserved populations seeking a better future for themselves and their families, equipping them with the holistic support required to transform their lives and careers.

We lean our on partners to expand our recruitment efforts, connect our students with robust support services, and more.

Partnership Benefits:

  • Low or no-cost laptops for students

  • Professional development classes and soft skills training

  • Free Intro to Web Design programs

  • Scholarship funding

  • Job placement support

  • Mentorship

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Stories of Impact

Where I Was

I did labor-intensive jobs my whole life.  I started as a welder at the shipping docks straight out of high school.  Fast forward 10+ years and several jobs later, I started to realize I couldn't keep doing this.

Where I Am

I found CodeBoxx and discovered that my passion for building things could be applied to coding. Now, I'm furthering my learning as a Full Stack Developer while becoming a part of a great community of like-minded coders, who are always collaborating and growing.

Tim W.

Let's Get Started

Join us in creating pathways to meaningful careers in tech for those most in need.

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